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Welcome To Media Niugini Limited

Welcome to Media Niugini Limited's Corporate section.

This section of the web-site looks at Media Niugini Limited as a corporate entity, focusing on the business aspects of the company. You will also get a view into the company's corporate structure, its mission and goals as the premier free-to-air television station in Papua New Guinea as well as a media organisation.

Media Niugini Limited is the name of the company under which EMTV trades as a wholly-owned subsidiary of FijiTV Limited. Media Niugini Limited employs approximately 80 people, 95% of whom are Papua New Guineans.

The head office of Media Niugini Limited, along with the studios of EMTV are located at Garden City, Boroko in Papua New Guinea's capital of Port Moresby.

Contact Us

Media Niugini Limited (t/a EMTV)

Postal Address:
PO Box 443
Boroko, NCD,
Papua New Guinea

Street Address:
Level 2
Garden City
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea

Telephone: (675) 325 7322
Facsimile: (675) 325 6991 or (675) 325 4450

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