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About EMTV

EMTV is the national television service owned and controlled by Media Niugini Limited.

EMTV commenced broadcasting within the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea in July 1987.

A transmission centre was opened in Lae in April 1988 with Mt Hagen, Goroka, Arawa and Rabaul following in rapid succession. A milestone was reached in June 1989 when EMTV commenced being received live in Lae, Mt Hagen and Goroka.

Twenty years later EMTV is now received in real time via satellite in 38 centres throughout Papua New Guinea . Based on 2000 Census information the EMTV footprint is approximately 45% of PNG's total population of approximately 6 million people.

EMTV's signal is sent out from Port Moresby encrypted, then received at a number of regional sites and retransmitted to the surrounding area.

This allows the population of Papua New Guinea access to the latest news, sport, information and entertainment from within Papua New Guinea and around the world.

 EMTV's current transmission sites around PNG - Downloadable in PDF format.

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Map showing EMTV's Transmission Sites throughout PNG

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